Let Us Build Your Custom Cabinets in Omaha

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BTI Construction focuses on kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Omaha, Nebraska and surrounding areas. As a part of that work, we are experts at creating custom cabinets in Omaha. We can create custom cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom, office, or anywhere else in your home. We believe that custom cabinets in your Omaha residence is one of the best ways to spruce up a kitchen or a bathroom. With BTI Construction, you get attention to detail in the design phase of your custom cabinet project as well as the knowledge that we can seamlessly match your millwork, trim and furniture pieces with the custom cabinets.

True custom designed cabinets offer you the ability to have complete flexibility in the design of the cabinets both inside and out. Special sizing constraints, uncommon types of wood or finishes and complicated design elements are not a problem when you work with BTI Construction on your custom cabinets. Ordering stock cabinetry requires that you stick to standard cabinet sizing and the fillers that accommodate any unused space. This limits your choices in sizing and can create a lot of unused space that won’t be an issue if you get your custom cabinets. Custom cabinets guarantee that we are always working with a fresh, new perspective and that you’re getting something that’s uniquely you.

Not only is the design process superior when you get custom cabinets in Omaha, the product is also superior. Why? BTI Construction uses superior materials, hardware and construction methods. Yes, you will pay more for custom cabinets than you will for cabinet re‑facing or purchasing standard cabinets, but custom cabinets are worth every dollar you spend.

BTI Construction can build nearly any kind of custom cabinet that you can conceive of.

We’ve worked on projects ranging from furniture‑style bathroom vanities to swinging bookcases that concealed hidden rooms. We can do storage and breakfast nook built‑ins. Do you need a custom wine cellar? We can create one for you if you want it. We do bookcases, and of course basic kitchen cabinets where you keep your pots, pans and other stuff. BTI Construction specializes in custom cabinets for the entire home. We love to create custom cabinets in Omaha, and we will work with you to get them just right.

BTI Construction can design from scratch or we can use a computer rendering cabinetry program.

With our computer program we can show you how the cabinet will look when installed and we can create the cabinets you want virtually prior to the first board being cut. We want you to be excited about your custom cabinet designs and we will be on board as we create the true custom vision for your home. We ensure our client’s satisfaction whether we’re building custom cabinets in Omaha or creating a new kitchen or bathroom remodel. We take pride in our work and it shows.

Are you ready to have BTI Construction design and build your custom cabinets? Great! Call us today at 402‑612‑3397 or 402‑616‑3397, or visit our website at https://www.bticonstruction.com more information.

You want kitchen remodeling in Omaha, Nebraska and you wonder who to turn to so that the job is done right, think BTI Construction. We can handle your kitchen remodeling in Omaha efficiently and affordably. As a matter of fact, at BTI Construction kitchen and bathroom remodeling is all we do. It’s what we love… Continue Reading