Kitchen Remodeling Omaha

You want kitchen remodeling in Omaha, Nebraska and you wonder who to turn to so that the job is done right, think BTI Construction. We can handle your kitchen remodeling in Omaha efficiently and affordably. As a matter of fact, at BTI Construction kitchen and bathroom remodeling is all we do. It’s what we love to do. By just focusing on kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Omaha, we can give you the best quality remodel for your money.

If you’re contemplating kitchen remodeling in Omaha on a tight budget, let us help you get the most for your hard earned money. The first thing we will do is have a talk about what you envision in the kitchen remodel. The price of the total kitchen remodel depends on not only what you want done, but also the type of materials and appliances you desire.

What type of kitchen you want will help us decide what kind of kitchen remodeling we’ll be doing. Do you want a gourmet kitchen? An entertaining kitchen? A family‑centered kitchen? You need to tell us if we’re replacing appliances and if you need plumbing and electric work done as well. Sometimes, we can do remodels with only minor changes to plumbing or electricity, and sometimes we have to start nearly from scratch.

You should think about what you do in your kitchen before undertaking your Omaha kitchen remodeling. Do you bake a lot? Do you cook professional‑grade meals? How many people do you cook for? Do you need more counter space or an island?

Don’t worry if it sounds overwhelming. That’s what we’re here for. To make sure your kitchen remodeling in Omaha goes smoothly from start to finish. We can tell you what is easily accomplished and what takes more time and money to do. BTI Construction can custom‑make cabinets or we can reface the cabinets you have with new doors or paint and new hardware. We will also tell you if something is not right for your kitchen. Do you really need a wine fridge with 19 bottles of Pinot kept at exactly 55 degrees? Probably not. You could spend your money on better appliances. New appliances can add a new look to the kitchen without much work.

If you want to redo the floor, we can suggest the best flooring for your particular kitchen. Some people love wood flooring in their kitchen, others insist of tile or even linoleum. Due to water issues in kitchens we will tell you of the risks you face with different types of kitchen flooring.

Want a double sink? We can put that in for you. You’ll also get the joy of picking out new sink and faucet installations. There are so many to choose from. We can help you determine which ones will look and work best with your new kitchen remodeling in Omaha.

Whatever you need for your kitchen remodeling in Omaha, BTI Construction can provide it. Visit our website for more information at

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